MINUTES of CentreBike General Membership Meeting

December 12, 2016

Meeting held at the State College Borough Building


  • Anna Nelson, President
  • Joan Potter, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Tristan Avelis
  • Andrew Artz
  • Jean Bemis
  • Melissa Bopp
  • Lynda Crow
  • Brian Dempsey
  • Nathan Geiger
  • Mark Higgins
  • Ed Jenkins
  • Cliff Kanz
  • Brucie Serene
  • Jim Serene
  • Allan Stoekl
  • Lydia Vandenbergh
  • Cecily Zhu

The meeting was called to order by Anna Nelson at 5:35 pm.

Treasurers Report

The cash balance is $7,220.62. One new membership received; no expenses paid out.

Executive Committee Election

The election of CentreBike Executive Committee members and Officers occurred as follows. A ballot was distributed with the slate of 9 nominees and the membership unanimously voted to approve:

  • Tristan Avelis
  • Mark Davison
  • Brian Dempsey
  • Courtney Hayden
  • Cliff Kanz
  • Joan Potter, Secretary/Treasurer
  • James Read
  • Paul Rito, Vice President
  • Jim Serene

Bike Rack Project

Four used bicycle racks are available for pick up this week from Penn State Lion Surplus. The cost is $10/each, and they will be donated to these local businesses: Childspace, the COG building, Gigi’s, and Way Fruit Farm.  Dennis Bender volunteered to pick up and deliver the racks. Additional racks may be available in January. Other businesses who have expressed interest include West Side Stadium Bar & Grill and Toftrees Golf Club.

Drive With Care – Walk Aware Campaign

Lydia Vandenbergh presented posters created by a Penn State Communications class for the State College Borough. This public safety campaign reminds drivers and pedestrians to obey traffic safety laws.

Bike Parking Survey

Melissa Bopp shared the results of a November Bike Parking Survey conducted by Penn State’s Physical Activity & Public Health Lab. Students collected data at various campus entry points during morning & afternoon rush hours. The majority reported commuting less than 20 minutes and parked their bikes outside of their destination building, with a few who noted they bring their bikes inside. Most respondents believe Penn State has adequate bike parking.

CATA Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Starting in Januay, CATA will offer free Guaranteed Ride Home to bicycle commuters who are registered on their website. Their new ridematching software will also allow bicyclists to find others who want to commute together in a safe group travel mode.

Feasibility Study Support

In June, CentreBike sent a letter of support for Centre County to apply for grant funding through PA Dept of Community & Economic Development – Greenways, Trails & Recreation Program to study the feasibility of a shared use path from Milesburg to Bellefonte, and CentreBike committed $500 toward the required 15% match needed for the application. Mark Higgins confirmed that the application has been approved. CentreBike will send the $500 for matching grant funds by the January due date.

Meeting Schedule

Discussed whether or not to continue monthly meetings throughout the year. Suggestions included not having a meeting in the same month as CRBAC quarterly meetings. Will re-visit this discussion at the next meeting on Jan 9th.

2016 Highlights

Adding a summary of 2016 CentreBike highlights to the website was suggested, i.e.:

  • Bike to Work Days
  • Bicycling Information Tables
  • Community Ride
  • Bike Friendly Business promotion
  • Bike Rack Donations

2017 Potential Projects Discussed

  • Public Awareness Campaign
  • Bike Lights Giveaway in February and August
  • Grants for local schools for bike safety programs
  • May Bike Month activities
  • “Four Townships and a Borough” community ride
  • Education classes:
    • Biking 101
    • Bicycle Touring
    • Safety 101
    • Bicycle Maintenance

Farewell Poster

A poster commemorating Anna Nelson’s tenure with CentreBike (created by Brian Dempsey & Paul Rito and signed by everyone attending the meeting) was presented to Anna to acknowledge our gratitude for the significant impact she’s made. She will be missed!


There being no further business to come before the meeting, it adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Potter, Secretary