MINUTES of CentreBike Membership Meeting

August 14, 2017

Meeting held at the State College Borough Building


  • Tristan Avelis, President
  • Joan Potter, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Brian Dempsey
  • Paul Rito
  • Courtney Hayden
  • Cecily Zhu
  • Trish Meek
  • Autumn Busbee
  • Tom Gesell
  • Andrew Artz
  • Valerie Burnett
  • Melissa Bopp
  • Nate Geiger


The meeting was called to order by Tristan Avelis at 5:30 pm.

Treasurers Report

  • Current cash balance is $9,141.41. Three membership payments were received plus the donations payment from Centre Gives of $1,991.25; no expenses were paid out.


  • Shared Use paths:
    • The Puddintown Road/Orchard Road path in College Township is in progress with completion anticipated Spring 2018
      • Discussed possibility of continuing shared used path along Park Avenue from Orchard Road to Visitor’s Center,
    • The Valley Vista path, a joint project of Patton & Ferguson Townships, will likely begin in 2019
    • Inquired about status of proposed Boalsburg to Tussey Trail connector path
    • Ferguson Township has proposed extending a shared use path to Pine Grove Mills (On the agenda for the Centre Region Planning Commission meeting on Sep 7th)
  • Autumn Busbee offered to continue teaching the Bike Safety class in the high school this year.
  • Melissa Bopp’s students are available to help with any bike-related projects, i.e., feasibility study, Bike-Friendly Business assistance, safe routes to school initiative.
  • Brian Dempsey proposed an “Ask a Cyclist” information table be scheduled for Friday, Sep 1st at Allen Street Gates.
  • Paul Rito suggested another bike light giveaway in the Oct/Nov timeframe to coincide the time change. It was recommended looking into the cost of lights from the same vendor Cecily Zhu used for PSU, and ordering a large quantity to have on hand for several light giveaway events. Discussed posting ads in the Daily Collegian & CDT announcing the event when the date has been confirmed. Also notify WTAJ-TV to request coverage of this bike safety event

Action Items

  • Courtney Hayden motioned to approve a budget of up to $1,500 for the purchase of 500 white and 500 red bicycle lights for an event to promote bicycle safety; Paul Rito second; motion passed. Joan Potter will obtain pricing and take care of ordering.

Volunteers Needed

  • “Ask a Cyclist” information table on September 1st.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, it adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Potter, Secretary/Treasurer