MINUTES of CentreBike Membership Meeting

November 13, 2017

Regular monthly meeting held at the State College Borough Building.


  • Tristan Avelis, President
  • Andrew Artz, Vice President
  • Joan Potter, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Courtney Hayden
  • Mark Davison
  • Autumn Busbee
  • Trish Meek
  • Cecily Zhu
  • Marty Bradley
  • Dennis Bender
  • Tom Gesell

The meeting was called to order by Andrew Artz at 5:30 pm.

Treasurers Report

  • Current funds available total $8,098.37. The only transaction this month was payment for the bike lights of $1,064.47.


  • Bike racks were donated to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, the Pregnancy Resource Clinic and Millbrook Marsh. And we have a waiting list for future racks: YMCA, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of CC, Hair salon on S. Atherton (Bob Selego), Bellefonte Boro, Philipsburg Middle School, Post Office, Discovery Space, Artemis Massage, and possibly Happy Valley Brewing, Barnes & Nobel, and downtown bars
  • Bike Friendly Business promotion – Melissa Bopp’s class is helping with the application process for Accuweather, Minitab, YMCA, The Friends School and Mt Nittany Medical Center
  • Action Subcommittee: Andrew Artz, Tristan Avelis and Autumn Busbee got together and formed a plan for the subcommittee to identify and prioritize CentreBike projects. Andrew presented their method for sorting project ideas into 9 categories based on whether it is a short- or long-term goal and most to least feasible (how much effort it requires).
  • The Light Up the Night event was very successful – approximately 450 sets of lights were distributed at 3 locations. Considering having two events per year going forward, in the spring & fall. Blue-White weekend (Apr 21st) was suggested for next spring.
  • Recommendation made to find a small storage space (closet-size) to hold CentreBike’s collection of hand-out material, poster displays, etc. Currently it’s held at various CentreBike member’s homes/offices. Ideally, the space will be located downtown so it can be easily accessed for events. Mark Davison offered to check on a couple options.
  • Courtney Hayden suggested sponsoring a tree in the Festival of Trees December 8-10th at the Central PA Institute of Science & Technology (CPI) to benefit Centre County United Way. The cost is $50 and we could decorate the tree in a bicycle theme. Tree decorating will take place on Dec 7th from 5:30-8:00, and CentreBike members can donate bicycle-related ornaments to be used, which can be reclaimed during the tree dismantling on Sunday, Dec 10th from 4:15-5:15. Andrew motioned to approve the $50 expense; Mark Davison 2nd; motion passed.
  • Nominations were opened for the 2018 Executive Committee. Of those present, the following list agreed to remain on the Committee and it was assumed that Brian, Paul & Jim would be interested in continuing. No new nominations were presented, leaving two seats open.
    • Tristan Avelis, President
    • Andrew Artz, Vice President
    • Mark Davison
    • Brian Dempsey
    • Courtney Hayden
    • Paul Rito
    • Jim Serene
  • Trish Meek noted that CRPC would like suggestions for bike-related classes for the winter/spring. They would also like volunteers to help with Kiddical Mass next year, and would appreciate financial support for a Bike-In Movie Night in the spring/summer.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, it adjourned at 6:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Potter, Secretary